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raPHPid is rapid building framework for PHP

It's aim is to be easy to use yet flexible to do many things - and doing those things fast. It wraps many "things" as PHP objects and by including those web site designer can easily put in use things like jQuery, Modernizr, Boilerplate template (HTML5), own templates, language support, authentication, authorisation, page loading timers, menus, and more. You can create forms with validation, having password "double inputs" checking, email validation, captcha's, date selectors (using jQuery), and more. Your pages work on many browsers with same functionality, and more - they work on mobile devices.

raPHPid PHP framework is really easy to use

Here is example of the simple, fully working, "Hello World" raPHPid example, without too many objects or templates.

	require_once 'raphpid.php';			// include framework
	$_HTML->addPlainHTML("Hello World!");		// display Hello World
	echo $_HTML;					// flush page to user

This will generate page saying "Hello World". It also includes some default CSS'es and few other things. Using templates and other objects you can create more complex pages, or just let ApplicationManager handle all, just writing templates. For example, this site was created using raPHPid PHP framework. The facebook icon was added with this piece of code, while number 2 in the end is style of rolling (rolling icon is not included to alpha version):

	new raphpid\html\RollingIcon('facebook.png','https://www.facebook.com/...',2));

or you might have noticed that this site used Google Analytics to track it's visitors. That was added with this piece of code (which is normally bunch of javascript code):

$template->set('google',new raphpid\html\GoogleAnalytics('UA-30239666-1'));

It's really that easy, and fast!

Flexible licencing model

Dual licencing model - for both needs, free and commercial use. For non commercial use raPHPid PHP framework is released under GPL. There will be also commercial licence available, for commercial use. It's easy to extend raPHPid library, you can easily create new components, and more - contribute to component library to share your inventions.

raPHPid wheel - even faster development

raPHPid has it's daughter product raPHPid wheel. It takes XML format description of the data you want to use and creates DB-schema, data access objects and forms for you (with basic CRUD + list/query functionality). They can be easily modified, but are fully usable after creation. You can define user authorisation and authentication, with userlevels and more. raPHPid wheel is commerically licenced.

raPHPid and raPHPid wheel are developed by Intuivia (page in finnish).

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