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How to install raPHPid framework

Before you start

First you need to have Apache ja PHP in your machine, we recommend also MySQL for database. If your application is planned to run in Windows machine, you might want to install WAMP or similar. If you are running on Linux machine, use LAMP (ubuntu example) or similar. You can always install these packages separately.

Install raPHPid

Installing raPHPid is very simple. Download latest raPHPid package, create directory for it under web root and unzip it there. Web root can vary, see manuals of installed packages (Apache). For example it can be in Windows machine with WAMP installation c:/wamp/www/ and in Linux machine /var/www. Refer your webserver manuals how to find it. After you have unzipped package, you need to configure raphpid.


Edit config/config.ini.php file, set site_url pointing to your site with full path (for example: http://mysite.com/raphpid/). If you are using Linux, give write permission to cache (if you are using it, default is off) and secure (logs) directory, dont worry no-one is able to access them .htaccess is restricting that. Remember of course to give read permissions to files. Now you should be ready to go. Try now your installation from browser. Point your browser to your webserver using directory you created, for example: http://localhost/raphpid.
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