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Template tags

Here is brief exaplanation of tags that can be currently used in templates.
- Prints out variable value. Does effectively same as "echo $test;"

- Prints out variable attribute value. Does effectively same as "echo $test->attr;"

- Loops through $array, setting key to $key and value to $value.

- End of the foreach.

- Includes subfile template to this location, all variables are usable in that file.

- Includes image from application image-directory to here.

- Same as above using, using alt text.

- Text between <%code%> tags is treated as PHP-code.

- Call plugin function in application directory using params plugin 
  namespace must be \raphpid\plugin\ 
  directory is APPLICATION_DIR\class\
- Translate application URL path to here (for images or CSS or something).

- Get action URL text for place, note that this is only the URL text not like link object.
  example: SITE_URL/myapplication/myaction
  URL constructed out of site_url and application and action. Does NOT check if such 
  action exists.
- Creates form out of ParseForm object. Inside tags <%form%>, each parseform input will 
  implement that HTML-code. 2 tags can be used inside <%form:label%> which produces 
  label and <%form:input%> which produces input element. <%form:tooltip%> reserved.
- Plain site URL (for example to get img/css/js dir)

<%title:page title%>		
- Set page title

<%description:page desc%>	
- Add page description (does not remove others)

<%author:page desc%>		
- Add page author (does not remove others)

- Register (=add once) cssfile.css from application .../css/ directory

- Register (=add once) javascript.js from application .../js/ directory
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